How Pandemic FPV Came to Be

The Issue

After starting my review channel The Quadcopter Review I found many fellow RC pilots and subscribers had the need for custom 3D printed parts for their Quadcopters / Drones, but there was a problem. They found that printed parts were often hard to impossible to find, limited in design or extremely expensive. They also often found they could sometimes find a file for the part but they didn’t have a printer to print it or the funding to go a buy one to just print a part here and there.

Idea Born From the Heart

I simply could not hear my subscribers and peers struggle with the need for items i could print in very little time. So i began offering folks printing from my equipment for any custom parts they needed at the lowest price possible. This simple offering quickly grew into a steady stream of requests. Thus Pandemic FPV was born.

What is Pandemic FPV

Pandemic FPV is a full service 3D Printing operation that’s primary focus is offering affordable 3D printed quadcopter/drone parts.

What we offer:

  • 3D printing of customer supplied files
    You find the files send us the links and we’ll print it for you.
  • Hard to find parts at reasonable prices
    Can’t find a part we’ll have it or make it.
  • Custom part design
    Want something special or branded uniquly to you? No problem.
  • No minimums
    Want 1 camera mount in blue. Order 1 no  problem

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